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Accredited by: ČIA
Provided by: LL-C (Certification) Czech Republic a.s.

To ensure the appropriate quality and safety at the market with recreational vessels in the EU territory, the European Parliament and the Council have created Directive 2013/53/EU.

Directive 2013/53/EU contains the list of requirements and specific conditions to place recreational vessels on the EU market and to remove barriers to trade with recreational vessels among member states.

According to the Directive, recreational vessels must have a CE marking when being placed on the EU market. The marking has to be visible, easily legible and indelible.

Why to cooperate with us

  • We will provide an independent audit by our experienced experts
  • We will propose the most suitable solution for your company
  • We respect price policies of individual companies, therefore we offer fair pricing

Benefits of the Conformity Assessment

  • You will have the guarantee of compliance with all legal aspects to enter the EU market
  • You will get a possibility to trade with recreational vessels outside the EU
  • You will get an expert assessment of the appropriate quality of your products

If you plan to import a yacht or personal vessel from a non-EU country, we will be glad to provide an additional conformity assessment of the vessel, based on the review of documentation, strength and stability calculation, tests of upward lift and noise measurement.

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