Directive 2006/42/ES on Machinery

Conformity Assessment of Machinery and Certification of Machines

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Provided by: LL-C (Certification) Czech Republic a.s.

Safe design of machinery, its proper installation and maintenance can reduce accidents and risks related to the use of machinery. To increase safety of machinery, Directive 2006/42/ES has been developed.

Directive 2006/42/ES defines exact requirements for placing machinery on the EU market. The certification is recommended to all organizations involved in the production of machinery intended for the EU market, regardless of their place of production.

This directive applies to the following products:

  • Machinery
  • Interchangeable equipment
  • Safety components
  • Lifting accessories
  • Chains, ropes and webbing
  • Removable mechanical transmission devices
  • Partly completed machinery

Why to certify your products with us

  • We have relevant specialization to award the certificate
  • Our experts have a long experience in the field
  • We are prepared to cater for your individual needs
  • We offer fair pricing in line with the trend to reduce operational costs

Benefits of the Certification

  • You will get an internationally recognized certificate
  • Well-proven safety of your machinery
  • Possibility to place machinery on the EU market
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements

Apart from Directive 2006/42/ES we can provide safety assessment of machinery according to the main requirements for safety and health protection in the Czech Republic, as laid out by Government Ordinance No. 176/2008 Sb.

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